YMMV: H.I.V.E. Series

  • Evil Is Cool
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Lots of fans are pretty damn obsessed by NeroxRaven.
    • There also seems to be a bit of OttoxWing floating around too.
  • Fridge Logic: At the first meeting in Escape Velocity, Diabolous Darkdoom knows all the details about the recent events at H.I.V.E., the Countessa's betrayal and the Renaissance Initiative. The only question: how? Sure, Raven could have filled him on in some of those things, but how would she know what Nero and Leonov were talking about before they were attacked?
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Animus fluid and Raven's experiences in Glasshouse.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Averted. Despite the fact that many of the fans ship conflicting couples ship wars are practically non-existent, which is pretty surprising given the general insanity of the forum.
    • Although some think that this is because they're all united in horror against Franz/Contessa.