The webcomic HERO

  • Crowning Moments of Heartwarming
    • The Duck is a constant source of these.
    The Duck (to Valentine): I will always go and do dumb things for you (like going to look for you, even if you are a big stupid head and go off without me!)—and it means to say I love you.
    • Right before Valentine and Lost escape through the Serpent/Venice's door:
    Valentine: Will you just let me apologize! I have never done anything for you and you have always done everything for me, even stupid dumb stunts you know you can't do—
    Serpent: You're my brother. I'll always do dumb things for you. And whatever I choose to do, you owe me nothing.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Holy crap are there a lot of pretty dudes in this comic.

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