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The franchise:

  • Awesome Music: The main theme. Seriously, try listening to it without getting the chills. Just try it.
  • Complete Monster: Michael Myers is a cold-blooded serial killer with a hatred of teenage sexuality and a fondness for carving knives. After killing his sister at the age of six, Michael breaks out of prison as an adult and goes on a killing spree through his hometown of Haddonfield, on his way to kill his surviving sister, murdering three of her friends before targeting her. He's stopped, but the horror doesn't end there, as the series spits into two timelines. In both of them Michael returns repeatedly, making numerous attempts on Laurie, her daughter Jaime, and anybody else who gets in his way. In Jamie's timeline, he finally kills Jamie and then targets her newborn baby note  In that same movie, it was initially believed he was under the control of an evil cult, but he proves his evil is beyond anyone's control when he massacres them too. In the H20 timeline, after tracking Laurie down, he fakes his death by switching places with a paramedic, who was killed in his place by Laurie, before tracking Laurie down in an insane asylum, and later kills people filming a reality TV show in his house a year after his goal was seemingly complete. Incapable of feeling empathy, and driven by a loathing of seemingly everybody he encounters, the unstoppable and perpetually silent Michael helped to define the slasher movie as we know it, and remains one of the most bone-chillingly evil slasher villains.
  • First Installment Wins: The first film is a universally praised horror classic. The sequels... exist.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The success of comedian Mike Myers makes it a bit hard to take a villain with that name seriously.
  • Sequelitis: Most of the sequels are generally regarded as low quality, with Resurrection being regarded as the series' nadir and the Rob Zombie-directed reboots being a Love It or Hate It affair.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: IV and H20. Both came after two lackluster sequels, both showed the influence of the slasher trends of the day.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Though the original film is deservedly a classic, the Halloween series could have spawned some far more interesting stories if the studio had gone ahead with John Carpenter's original plan of making it Genre Anthology about stories set on All Hallows' Eve instead of just turning it into (what quickly became) a generic Slasher Movie series.
  • Uncanny Valley: The original Michael Myers Halloween mask was a William Shatner mask, spraypainted white and with the hair frizzed out and eyeholes altered. The effect is downright creepy.
  • Villain Sue: Michael in the Devil's Due comics.
  • The Woobie:
    • Never mind that he is one of the few characters who doesn't get horribly murdered, does anything good ever happen to Dr. Loomis?
    • Jamie Lloyd. Her mother died in a car accident, her uncle is a monstrous killer who is dead-set on killing her, is kidnapped by the Thorn cult at the end of Revenge and she is killed off at the start of Curse (and Producer's Cut of the film reveals that that her baby is the result of Michael raping her).
    • Laurie, especially in Zombie's 2. Not only does she lose her friends but, going by canon, she loses her daughter to Michael (Thorn canon), loses her family (H20/HR canon), and either ends up becoming that she is a Myers or becoming crazy and getting shot dead by the police (Zombieverse).

The video game: