YMMV / Gunslinger

  • Les Yay: Implied after the Mayor's wife kisses Rose's cheek.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Cane doesn't actually cross this until he shoots the Mayor's wife. He was aiming for the Mayor, but shows absolutely no guilt or remorse over his mistake.
  • Special Effects Failure: Two glaring incidents in the movie, and they're done multiple times:
    • The first is when Erica enters Cane's room and the door opens outward, leading to the first of many running gags:
      Crow: Wha... Doors don't open like that! There's a number... he's in the hall!
    • Another are some of the nighttime scenes where you know it's still sunny out there. One scene accidentally gives Rose an eerie glow to her, leaving Servo to let out a hum similar to Cocoon
  • What an Idiot: The Mayor. With Cane's increased desire and efforts to kill him, he does nothing to have Cane arrested or arm himself for self-defense on an equal level. Even after he witnesses Joshua get shot, he remains unarmed and in the open while his wife goes to find a gun. She ends up Taking the Bullet for him and he dies moments later.
    • Well, he *did* have that pitchfork...