YMMV: Gunhed

  • Awesome Music: While the rest of the film is a mess, with some decent special effects, perhaps the best part of it would be the energetic and memorable score by Toshiyuki Honda, who would later score the Metropolis (2001). The main theme is pretty good, and the two vocal songs by Mariko Nagai are also very nice and well-done.
  • Narm: The valuable element is called "texmexium"... as in "Tex-Mex", a type of American/Mexican cuisine.
  • Narm Charm: the baseball theme playing while Gunhed drives down the walkway (or driveway?).
  • Special Effect Failure: the Green Screen used after Brooklyn escapes the dying Gunhed is painfully obvious.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Gunhed is simply awesome. The animations (of Gunhed and the maps) on Gunhed's onboard computer also stand out.
    • Completely averted with the floating, sound-detecting mine.
    • Averted to a lesser extent with the Biodroid's lasers. While they aren't bad, they are dated.