YMMV / Gundam Seed Destiny Project R

  • Lawful Evil: Mira - blamed all Coordinators for Bryan's apparent death near Luna and proceeded to dedicate her life to the ideals of Blue Cosmos. She later transitions to True Neutral after she defects. Also Vadik - a true believer in law and order, he genuinely despises the OMNI pilots in the Joint Strike Force not for their morals, but rather for their disobeying orders. He has no qualms about using any means necessary to create that order.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Meer - originally one of the least well-received characters in the Destiny canon. In the Project R timeline, she loses many of the characteristics that made her The Scrappy in Destiny and couples that with Taking a Level in Badass. Given the mass of hatred for her character in the Destiny canon, this was inevitable. Instead of being one of two scrappies in Project R, Meer is a fun-loving young woman who just wants to do her part in the War.
  • True Neutral: Connor - Fought for OMNI at Second Victoria, ORB, Boaz and Second Jachin Due. Joined the Joint Strike Force on a whim and was deeply conflicted about leaving OMNI in the wake of Break the World. Also Matthias originally - prior to Mira Ross' betrayal, he was a glorified mercenary who only served on the Seraphim because Djibril paid him well enough. Later, Mira Ross makes the transition from Lawful Evil following her defection.