YMMV: Gundam 00 Sidestories

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  • Base Breaker: Fon Spaak, full stop. He's widely regarded as a blatant Gary Stu who surpasses even Kira Yamato, but some people find him entertaining enough for it not to be a problem.
  • Crazy Awesome: Fon Spaak, who will fight his way through life-or-death situations while laughing his head off.
  • Canon Sue: Fon is frequently accused of being this due to possessing quite a few Common Mary Sue Traits. To wit:
    • His rebellious nature, abrasiveness towards teammates, and ultraviolent personality causes him to get in trouble with authority, but since many of the authority figures in this series turn out to be villainous it's treated as a sympathetic trait.
    • Is an Ace Pilot and genius to extreme levels, allowing him to defeat many extremely powerful suits alone at a point when many pilots with superior equipment struggle against even one in the main series. The fact that he uses Trans-Am, itself widely derided , makes it more egregious.
    • Revealed to have a Dark and Troubled Past as a rather improbable member of Ali's Child Soldiers along with Setsuna, and further chapters reveal him to be a character that not only was not shown in the actual series, but who was really super important behind the scenes.
    • Survives having a bomb collar on his neck detonate, and recovers with nothing in the way of negative repercussions. In fact, he ends up better off, even though other characters have died to far less. Even though he was somehow injured and scarred, the scar is a cool looking, Bond villain type scar that serves as more of a decoration than anything else.
    • Receives special nanomachines which allow him to access VEDA despite being a normal human, something only Innovades are supposed to be able to do, and giving him behind-the-scenes knowledge on the level of Ribbons Almark.