YMMV / Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer

  • Awesome Music: All of the awesomeness in this movie is accompanied by equally awesome (and sometimes downright scary) music.
    • Kenji Kawai took at least three ("Trans-Am Raiser", "Masurao", "Fight") scores from the TV series, remixed them with a much larger orchestral group, and combined them together with vocal accompaniment (via One-Woman Wail and Ethereal Choir). The end result is called "Final Mission ~ Quantum Burst", and its not only eight minutes of pure concentrated awesome but also the movie's cue for the Meisters to hand the ELS their collective asses. If you somehow have yet to hear it unimpeded by the action going on when it's playing, stop doing yourself such a disfavor.
  • Broken Base: Diehard 00 fans will defend this movie with all the love they can. Many others, including most critics would rather leave it, than take it.
  • Crazy Awesome: Anything with Hallelujah is guaranteed to be this, but this time he gets GN Scissor Bits to play around with.
  • Funny Moments: The movie spoofing the events of the series proper, which manages to fake you out until Alejandro Corner shows up, the 00 Gundam starts doing dramatic hand motions, and the Gundams all have unique Trans-Am colors, which they combine to fire a huge beam. After watching it, when finally alone, Saji states (with a bit of disappointment) that he wasn't in the movie.
    • During said Show Within a Show, for a split second one can see that the sub captain of the Katharon ship is a bear.
    • Then there's any scene with Patrick in it.
    • Saji actually manages to have one. In the hospital scene, when an ELS resembling Ribbons Almark enters the room, Saji goes on to actually protect Louise... by throwing a chair in Ribbons' head.
    • When Hallelujah takes over in the beginning of the movie:
    Hallelujah: Of course it is! Those things are swarming towards Marie's Quantum Brainwaves."
    Allelujah: Hallelujah? What are you doing here?
    Hallelujah: We don't have time for idle chatter... I'm borrowing your body, partner!"
    Ian: (Upon hearing Mileina's confession over the intercom) WHAT DID SHE JUST SAY?!
    Linda: Oh my; that's wonderful! Congrats on your new boyfriend.
    Ian: Linda!
    (Setsuna floats towards the 00 Qan[T]'s cockpit, while letting off a light smile to Ian.)
    Ian: This is no laughing matter!
  • Heartwarming Moments: Setsuna returning to Marina in the epilogue, 50 years later, with his upgraded 00 Qan[T] standing in a sunny field full of flowers... itself covered in flowers.
    • The entire sequence from Setsuna waking up from his coma through to him launching in the 00 Qan[T], it begins with Feldt hugging Setsuna, who hugs her back (a rather telling action as he is usually rather protective of his personal space), Feldt then goes back to her post rather than follow the crews suggestion that she stay with him, when asked why she won't say says that she'll be able to feel his presence no matter where he is, and then offers a gentle smile right before he launches.
    • Mileina Vashti declaring her love for Tieria, regardless of his physical form, was one of the most heartwarming moment in the movie. People in the theater collectively went "d'aww!" and laughed at Ian's reaction following this moment.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The super deformed omake that parodied the preview of season 2 stated the world would be invaded by aliens and that Setsuna would turn into Gundam for real. Did the writers accidentally spoil the movie?
    • We have a Celestial Being: The Movie in A wakening of the Trailblazer with dragon-like mobile suits, doesn't remember anything....
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: IF you can actually keep track of what's happening during the battles, your jaw will be on the floor the whole time. Even then, it's still mind-boggling how much action they managed to fit on the screen. Each battle tops the previous one in terms of sheer intensity.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Descartes Shaman, the Earth military's first recognized Innovator, is an arrogant jerk who is painfully aware that his superiors see him as nothing more than a living weapon. Kati's reaction when she first meets him is about as mixed as the audience's.
  • Moment of Awesome: Basically everything in the movie, but especially when the 00 Qan[T] shows up and the Gundams and Braves absolutely unload on the ELS.
    • The 00 Qan[T] gets about five minutes of screen time but still manages to be even more of a blatant hax than 00 Raiser. Hell, 00 Qan[T] is compared to the Turn A as the most powerful mobile suit in the entire Gundam multiverse.
  • Narm: Several instances. For one, was the rotating shot of Setsuna's crotch while he was being Mind Raped by the ELS strictly necessary?
    • Most likely, that was meant to be symbolic of a conflict taking place in Setsuna's core being, which in many Eastern philosophies is believed to exist at the navel.
    • Setsuna's appearance in the postcredits scene is really hard to take seriously.
      • Think of it as Setsuna finally achieving his dream of becoming Gundam.
  • Nightmare Fuel: What happens to those being assimilated is unpleasant.
    • Case in point: If you look closely you can actually see blood on the crystals passing through the skin.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Andrei.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: The Movie may have ended the 00 universe, but not the number of Setsuna/Marina and Setsuna/Feldt shippers clawing at each others’ throats. In fact, it probably made it worse.
    • In the manga adaptation, which isn't part of the official canon according to Sunrise's policy, Setsuna ends up marrying Marina in the Distant Finale.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: The movie was actually quite effective at getting its message across;
    • If you think about it, the message was probably directed at Setsuna more than the audience.
  • Tear Jerker: Andrei's death, despite his previous status as The Scrappy. The accompanying music was what really did it, though.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Descartes was actually billed as the fifth main character alongside the Gundam pilots, but he's assimilated half-way through the movie. Which ties into...
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Given the early focus on Descartes and his uber-mecha Gadeleza it seems kind of surprising that neither reappears in the movie once the pair have been assimilated.
    • Could be Fridge Brilliance on the ELS' part, as they might think that the machine and its pilot are one. Descartes was noticeably hateful towards the ELS, which might have influenced them.
  • Too Cool to Live: Graham.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The whole movie's animation quality is the best in the Gundam franchise yet, and the battles among the best choreographed ever. Special mention, however, must be given to the flashback of the ELS' origins.
    • So far, only Gundam Unicorn has ever come close (or at some scenes, surpassed) it in terms of visual effects.
  • The Woobie: Saji and Louise may have settled down, but they're still having a rough time of it.