YMMV: Growing Pains

  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Coach Lubbock, who eventually got a spin-off.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: In one episode Ben learns that the morality of celebrities should not be a factor in whether or not we enjoy the art they produce. It wasn't why we became their fans in the first place.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Any instance of Carol being teased about her weight. Hollywood Pudgy actress Tracey Gold, who played her, would go on to have a well-known (and near-fatal) battle with anorexia.
    • Almost any appearance of Boner, given the character's Unfortunate Name and actor's tragic death.
    • A few early-season plots with Mike (him and Ben illegally betting on racehorses, throwing unsupervised parties) don't at all jibe with the adult, born-again Christian Kirk Cameron—or the Mike of the final season that was influenced by Cameron's newfound faith.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Matthew Perry, years before Friends, played Carol's doomed boyfriend, Sandy. Also, as mentioned above, Leonardo DiCaprio as temporary family member Luke. Brad Pitt and Hilary Swank also had small one-off roles.
  • What Could Have Been : Bruce Willis was considered for Alan Thicke's role.