YMMV / Grey Knights

  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • The 7th Edition Codex at least attempts this by retconning the notorious Khornate Knights incident to exclude any mention of the Sisters of Battle, as well as showing the Sisters as brave warriors respected by the Grey Knights in other lore.
    • It also removes the notorious Game-Breaker Plasma Siphon entirely and tones down several of the most unbalanced options the Grey Knights had in the 5th edition codex (However you can still use with for Inquisitor allies).
    • Their Marysueness has been downplayed as well. Casualties are heavy, resisting the warp corruption is difficult, and at least one case of defeat is described.
  • Broken Base: The 5th Edition codex has a great many people wanting to murder Matt Ward by his retcons of the chapter, various internal What the Hell, Hero?, and his apparent losing of the plotline regarding Chaos being The Corruption.
  • Canon Defilement: Sweet Emperor of Mankind, even C.S. Goto had a better idea of how Warhammer worked than the guy who wrote the fifth edition codex.
  • Creator's Pet - Supreme Grand Master Kaldor Draigo. A few early achievements are as follows: Single handedly killed the daemon prince M'kar in his first combat action with east. Single handedly banished the daemon primarch Mortarion back into the warp after easily beating him to within an inch of his life and carving his predecessor's name into his heart. Took down a chosen Bloodthirster of Khorne in unarmed combat, stole its axe, and reforged it into a sword with only his mind. The Fandom treats him like a bad joke at best and a sign Matt Ward is a talentless hack trying to one up all other authors in Games Workshop.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Castellan Crowe was regarded as the best thing in the 5th edition codex.
  • Game-Breaker: The Plasma Syphon. A weapon which makes any plasma weapon useless against a unit equipped with it. The problem was that some players began to take the fluff into account and apply it to anything based plasma. Complaints were made to Games Workshop who ignored these letters. When the FAQ was released amongst the many leaps on logic it was confirmed that the weapon made anything related to plasma useless. Tau players are now refusing to play anyone with Grey Knights as 95% of their weapons are based on plasma technology.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Alaric becomes this at the end of the Omnibus, seriously, who could have managed to fool not one, but three greater daemons along the series, or make a plot to take down an entire daemon world and the chaos lords at its command? And all of this while fighting through hell and surviving numerous Mind Rapes?
    • Logan Grimnar. Despite defying the Inquisition and being responsible for killing Imperial forces like the Grey Knights, only the truly deluded and doomed characters fail to admire his cunning and moral standpoint.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The Space Wolves believe the Inquisition crossed one of these when they invited the Space Wolves to a parley to negotiate a ceasefire, then opened fire on the Space Wolf vessels when they arrived, destroying four with all hands and crippling Grimnar's flagship. Before this incident, the Space Wolves had refrained from trading fire with Inquisition ships while protecting Armageddon refugee ships, not wanting to give the Inquisition an excuse to brand them traitors. Afterwards, the Wolves no longer hold fire or show mercy when confronting Inquisition and Grey Knight forces.
    • When the Space Wolves fleet breaks warp above Fenris to find the Inquisition fleet with its guns trained on the Fang, Hyperion points out to Kysnaros that the Inquisition has done this. Kysnaros tries to negotiate with Grimnar, only to receive a litany of death threats and insults. When Kysnaros starts to panic when he realises the Wolves aren't breaking off their attack on his fleet, insisting that they have to know the Inquisition will go through with bombing the Fang, Hyperion flatly tells him that they do know, but given how far the Inquisition has pushed them, they no longer care.
  • Misblamed: Some people have noted this about Matt Ward's 5th edition codex. While Ward is credited as its writer, the writing team has admitted they collaborate to a degree on codexes, and several of the most infamous bits of Ward's fluff (particularly the Khornate Knights incident) are due to Ward implementing 2nd edition-era fluff rather than them being entirely his own invention. He was also blamed for the odd baby-carrier Dreadknight model, when all he did was write rules for something a completely different team made.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: The recent Black Library books has greatly toned down Kaldor Draigo's sueness.