YMMV / Green Antarctica

  • Creepy Awesome
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Whenever Tsalal "adaptations" of Western media is brought up.
    For the highbrow set, there's adaptations of Low World classics. Right now, I'm watching Oliver Twist. It's at the gripping scene where Oliver, having sold Nell into slavery and murdered Fagin, is conspiring with the Artful Dodger to start the great London Fire.''
    Skrog cares nothing for people, and refuses to participate in the rites of guarding. God sends a series of visions to terrorize Skrog, but instead of knuckling down, Skrog becomes ever more adamantly opposed to God and God's will. His example is so ferocious that the community rallies around Skrog, and in the end, they sacrifice all the newborns, in a massive blood ritual.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The Yag, the Kings in Yellow and how the Hali treat torture. Everything about the Tsalal.
    • The Tsalal have their own brand of Nightmare Fuel, the "Nameless Glacier" in the center of Antarctica. And the culture of the so-called Cold Islanders.
  • Squick: The eating and mating habits of the Tsalal.
    • Three words : Hive Monkey Concubines.
  • Uncanny Valley: Howard Phillips falls into this if you are a Tsalal who is not used to non-Tsalal people.