YMMV / Gravion

  • Crazy Awesome: Sandman IS this trope. He's a Cultured Badass who sounds awesome giving cheesy Transformation Name Announcement statements, does death defying stunts to pull people's asses out of hot water (with the same amount of tension you show waiting for toast to quit toasting), and has (in dead seriousness) led his Meido squad in powering up his Super Robot with freaking karaoke! His most illustrious Crowning Moment of Awesome involved a ping pong game, bath slippers, and over the top Calling Your Attacks, and frankly, he just wouldn't be awesome without the crazy. He lives in a giant castle that's really a space ship filled with hot maids who can fight (at least one is a robot), he's a super intelligent scientist who invents giant mecha in his spare time, can kick ass, makes a horse do physically impossible stunts, is obecenely rich, and does cool poses just for the heck of it.
    Raven: Sir, what was that?
    Sandman: I have always wanted to say that.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: In some areas of the internet Faye is very popular.
  • Fridge Logic:
    • (Hugi having only one control panel and one off-switch for the Genocidron System, as well as not just broadcasting pictures of his niece Leele Zeravire to them all, which is said to cause them to shut down automatically.
    • When Ayaka dons the Raven mask, her boobs shrink for no reason. While it does cover the fact she's a woman, maybe it's due to Form-Fitting Wardrobe, but is there ever any explanation about why her boobs suddenly burst out when she removes the mask? And she wasn't even doing anything to get any concealments off, either...
      • It's the mask. The picture of the previous Raven (Luna's father) looks exactly like the current Raven (Ayaka). The mask also changes the wearer's voice. Safe to say the mask would be able to alter her bust size if it can alter her hair, voice, and musculature.
      • It's an Obari production, so it was likely done for fanservice
  • Ho Yay: Eiji and Touga, mostly because Touga doesn't quite get the intricacies of human relationships.
    • Les Yay: Heavily implied with Ayaka and Mizuki, to the point where the latter is shown getting completely wasted over her missing 'friend.'
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Klein Sandman alone is reason to watch this show; see Crazy Awesome above.
  • Narm: Very localized version, but hearing the characters gushing with joy over an amusement park called "Grand Island" is unintentionally amusing for those familiar with the relatively ordinary city of Grand Island, Nebraska.