YMMV: Grave Peril

  • What an Idiot: Susan gatecrashing Bianca's ball. Not only does she ignore Harry, who has repeatedly told her that it's too dangerous for her to attend, she also thinks a fake invitation will hide the fact that she wasn't invited. Or, that if she does get discovered, no one will care.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: For the above reason, it can be very hard to sympathize with Susan. Because of her own stupid decision and refusal to heed Harry's warnings, she ends up becoming a vampire, Harry is tortured - in ways that he never really elaborates upon, though there are pretty clear hints that he was gang-raped by Bianca's cronies - and technically dies, though he's able to come back. What's worse, although the Red Court were probably gearing for war for years, they're able to use the incidents of the book to declare it proper, causing years of suffering, misery and death. All because Susan 'had to get the story'.