YMMV: Google

  • Americans Hate Tingle: Google is getting a lot of flak from European regulators over privacy concerns.
  • Big Good: If not of the entire internet, then Google is at least the Big Good of internet service providers, with their Google Fiber program being universally acclaimed, compared to Time Warner Cable and Comcast, who are among the most hated companies in America. It helps that Google started the program specifically to get the other guys to step their game up.
  • Creator's Pet: Google keeps pushing Google+, to a lukewarm at best reception from the userbase.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: The release of the Pac-Man Google Doodle (commemorating Pac-Man's 30th anniversary), in SPADES.
    • Google Street View taking pictures of the highest mountains on each continent, including Mount Everest.
    • The Google Doodle commemorating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, like the above mentionedPac-Man doodle, was made into a flash game. And it was glorious.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Going incognito (i.e. private browsing mode) in Google Chrome warns you that it won't protect you from secret agents and people standing behind you.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: The famous Super Bowl 2010 ad, AKA "Parisian Love".
  • The Firefly Effect: The subject of this Washington Post article, when Google Reader joined the company's graveyard of discontinued services.
    If there's even a 25 percent chance that Google Keep will be canceled in two years, do you really want to be the sucker who spent endless hours organizing your life around it?
  • Paranoia Fuel:
    • Sure, Google is a nifty way to manage your emails and your documents, but Google also has your personal information. Do you really trust them to "not be evil"?
    • Desktop search takes it Up to Eleven, quite possibly the only product that does what you want it to do way too well.
    • Try googling yourself, or your credit card numbers. You can rest a bit easier knowing that Google likes to personalize what you find, but even then, other people might find it...
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Google Instant. It forces you to search for whatever you're typing as you type it, even though the half-written word/sentence in question probably has nothing to do with what you're really after. The thing is obnoxious when it comes to slow computers, as it takes absurd amounts of time for every individual page to load. Given the amount of loading it takes for one page, wouldn't it be a pain to go through several? To make matters worse, when it seems like you can disable it through your personal preferences, it manages to reactivate itself unless you leave cookies on. And even if you do have a fast internet, the option keeps you from looking at several suggestions.
    • In an update to Google's web browser, Google Chrome, there was an unremovable mechanic that detects if a page has been loading for a very long time with no responses to the keyboard or mouse, and declares it unresponsive, prompting you to either wait for it to respond, or crash the page itself. Clicking wait will only let you wait for it to respond, but the damn window showing the unresponsive pages comes back up. When you click "Kill pages", you can choose to reload the page. note  But then, it begins to load even longer, bringing the window back up again, and again, AND AGAIN...
  • Sidetracked By The Golden Saucer: Google's Pac-Man "logo" (their first interactive Google Doodle, coinciding with Pac-Man's 30th anniversary) managed to cause this on the day it was released (spicing up a relatively boring webpage in the process that's typically used for web-searching), to the tune of approximately 4,819,352 hours of lost time, with a cost of $120,483,800. And said Google Doodle remains in playable form here.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks:
    • The Safe-Search filter. As of December 2012, there is no way to turn it completely off. This makes using the internet for its intended purpose much less efficient.
    • The new version of Google Mail is especially hated. The compose feature got rid of a lot of features that professional users rely on.