YMMV / Gold Box

  • Adaptation Displacement/Sequel Displacement/Recycled Title (for Pool of Radiance and Neverwinter Nights)
    • Also, Curse of the Azure Bonds was based on a book.
  • Good Bad Bugs: You can individually save characters with their equipment, and you can save entire parties with their equipment. Through careful manipulation of this feature, you can duplicate money and items.
    • A character that was under the influence of a spell that raised his or her Strength, such as Enlarge, when Curse of the Azure Bonds wrapped up was treated as if that spell were permanent going into Secret of the Silver Blades. In a melee-heavy group this could trivialize many encounters.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: Averted, both for D&D in general, and for Curse of the Azure Bonds, which is based on a novel.
  • That One Boss: Pool of Radiance had many.
    • The first is the group of trolls and ogres in the slums of Phlan. This will likely be the first mission you undertake, and these monsters are well beyond the difficulty threshold of the rest of the area (your characters are probably at level 1 at this point). Fortunately you don't have to do this encounter to clear the zone and complete the mission, but woe to you if you stumble across it by mistake.note 
    • The next one occurs in the abandoned library. If you leave with any books in your possession (which you have to do to get credit for the mission), your party is attacked by a specter. Much like the previous encounter, you're probably far too low level to face it, and it drains two levels every time it hits a character, effectively permakilling them if they're level 2 (which they probably will be). It's only vulnerable to magic and magic weapons, which only makes things worse.
    • Then there's the kobold caves, which are probably the most infamously difficult encounter. The kobolds themselves would pose little threat if not for the fact that there's so many of them, and while they won't hit that often, they'll hit enough times that the damage will eventually add up. On top of this, there's three waves, and each wave is accompanied by a group of far more dangerous enemies (trolls in the first wave, giant boars in the second, and trolls, boars, and two human fighter/mages in the third). To top it all off, between the first and second waves, ballistae will fire on the party for extra damage, and there is no chance to heal or rest in between the three waves.
    • Finally, there's the fire giants. These things are on a difficulty level well beyond the scope of this game, and they always appear in groups of four, making them the most difficult encounter in the game (even more so than Tyranthraxus). They're also completely immune to fire attacks such as fireball spells. However, all fights with the fire giants can be avoided entirely if you negotiate well enough.