YMMV / Gojira

  • Awesome Music: Lots of it, but From Mars to Sirius and Magma generally seem to be the band's most highly regarded albums, especially with the latter being nominated for two Grammy Awards in 2016.
  • Broken Base: While the album was well received overall, the generally softer and simpler sound of Magma didn't make all the fans happy. Cue obligatory accusations of "selling out" from fans or their more extreme era.
  • Crazy Awesome: Jean-Michel Labadie may be the bassist, but his live performances are anything but subdued. Expect lots of headbanging and throwing his bass around.
  • Face of the Band: Joe, and to a lesser extent, Mario.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Meshuggah. Although it has been often regarded as the "Metallica vs. Megadeth" of tech-death, the bands' fanbases have both shades of rivalry and friendship.
  • Memetic Mutation: L'Enfant Sauvage is often jokingly referred to in the death metal fandom as "elephant sausage". This is due to a number of people misreading the album title upon its release.
  • Mondegreen: From 'The Axe': "I REACH FOR ANTON MERCER!"
    • Also, from 'Backbone', you get: "ENDLESS LUNCHABLES!" and "PORN IS ON ITS WAY!"
    • Within the first thirty seconds of "Yama's Messengers": "INFECTED ASS RATS STARING AT ME!"
    • "Vacuity" also gives you, "THE CELERY TURNS TO DUST!"
  • Nightmare Fuel: "1990 Quadrillions de Tonnes" from Terra Incognita is a 3 and a half minute track consisting of an instrumental section with various screams over it. It is very surreal and unsettling in nature.
  • The Pete Best: Alexandre Cornillon, the bassist who only contributed to the original Godzilla material.
  • Signature Song: "Explosia," "Flying Whales" and/or "Backbone".
    • A case can be made for "Vacuity" as well.
    • More recently, "Silvera" could qualify as one.