YMMV: Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah

  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Japan Takes Over the World by becoming the richest nation...despite being in an economic downturn that's lasted two decades as of 2014!
  • Narm: The film has the most terrible acting from the English actors in the Heisei series, aside the rest of it. Especially with the American GIs in the World War II sequence. The acting was so bad, it fits the "So Bad, It's Good" territory. The English version, especially the English version has this in effect as well.
    • "Take that, you dinosaur!"
    • The English version contains one of the most bizarre statements ever. After seeing Godzilla kill King Ghidorah, some of the characters watching the battle notice Godzilla is starting to walk towards the city. In response one of the characters shouts "would you look at the size of that thing, its not going to be friendly". This suggests that he believes that if something is large in size, it's instantly evil. He's right about Godzilla not being friendly, but still, such a nonsensical statement is strange.
    • Most scenes with M-11, especially whenever he runs.
  • Special Effects Failure: Ironically, this film won for special effects. The SFX failure in question is when Emi Kano is using her jetpack, a rather unstably zoomed matte shot.
  • They Just Didn't Care: From this point on, Toho's English export versions simply slapped a bland English optical over the Japanese title. In the past, effort was made to make the English title cards a respectful match for their Japanese counterparts. Redundancies run amok, such as "TOKYO, 1992" accompanying "1992 A.D." The credits also mistranslate Katsuhiko Sasaki's name as "Masahiko Sasaki".
    • The new Sony Blu-Ray credits bare a typo, misspelling SPFX director Koichi Kawakita as "Koipchi Kawakita".