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YMMV: Godzilla And Mothra The Battle For Earth

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: At the end did Mothra genuinely hope to remain at peace with Battra thus the loss of the latter was a tragedy? Or did she deviously plan to take care of two birds with one stone?
  • Anvilicious: Not nearly the worst offender ever, but the characters are only about an inch away from breaking into spontaneous philosophizing over how arrogant the humans are and how important it is to preserve the environment. And it's not just one or two characters... every human character, save for greedy Takeshi, seems to have a Green Aesop on their mind, even when they're having a simply friendly chat. Don't think to hard about the fact that said environment is basically trying to kill them all with a giant moth monster and radioactive dinosaur right now...
  • Awesome Music: Once again, Akira Ifukube has blessed the cinematic world with a treasure of beautiful sound. From the return of the Maser March from War Of The Gargantuas to Godzilla's theme playing when he emerges from Mt. Fuji, the viewer is given a wonderful listening experience. But perhaps the best piece of music, however, is the soft melody that plays during the end credits, a modified instrumental version of the piece, Sacred Springs from Mothra vs. Godzilla. Another piece, just before this, Mothra Heads Into Outer Space is Sacred Springs played with a harp. Listening to both pieces side-by-side is an exquisitely pleasant listening experience.
  • Narm: Masako's mouth hangs open when Godzilla flings Mothra off his tail.
    • Also the little girl when she says Niiice! with an high pitched voice in the english dub.
    • Adult Mothra looking like a stuffed toy with awkwardly bent pipe-cleaners for legs and bouncy rubber claws detract somewhat from her majesty...
    • It seems like the Battra larva can hardly walk
    • The white haired defense minister who appears in several Heisei films gets a horrible dubber this time who mixed up distress with whiny.
  • Special Effects Failure: When Mothra bites Godzilla's tail, the Godzilla tail prop is obviously not sewed shut at the bottom.

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