YMMV / God Loves, Man Kills

  • Fridge Logic: At times it seems as if Stryker & Co. are the only ones on the scene who remember that Magneto is actually a criminal. (His first Heel–Face Turn was still in progress at the time the graphic novel was released.) It's true that during the scene in Madison Square Garden Stryker represents a greater concern than does Mags, who is downed relatively quickly. Still, after Stryker is dealt with, it's a little surprising that no one even considers arresting a man whose last public act involved sinking a Soviet submarine that threatened his attempt to take over the world.
    • That might be an explanation in and of itself; just try arresting the guy who did that. Magneto is one of the most powerful men in the world; you'd have to be crazy to try and take him on without some serious firepower or resources.
    • Another example, on a lighter note: why did Wolverine score so well in the Danger Room scenario? He didn't really do anything useful.
      • Because he actually followed orders. Anyone who knows Wolverine can tell you how well that usually works out.
  • Fridge Horror: As Storm is a claustrophobe, the small capsule she was imprisoned in by Stryker must have been terrifying to her.
  • Moral Myopia: Doylist example. Claremont famously had Kitty Pride use the n-word to compare the oppression of mutants to that of black people, though in a context that accuses Stevie Hunter of mild hypocrisy when due to her reaction confronted with another minority's oppression. Considering that this is comparing a fictional minority to an actual minority, one traditionally threatened by mob violence that most mutants could shrug off easily, the line loses a lot of its impact.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Of all the times for Claremont to forget he wrote Nightcrawler as a practicing Catholic... Kurt would have made a perfect counterpoint to Stryker's hysteria. With Stryker's twisting of Scripture to justify his genocidal intentions, Chris couldn't have found one point to have Kurt quote from Wisdom 11:23-26? note 
  • Values Resonance: You would not have to change much if you were to set this story in the present day.
    • This is probably the reason Stryker was changed to a military general in the movies. Since the movies reach a larger audience, Fox probably didn't want to ruffle too many feathers with a conservative Christian minister as a villain.