YMMV / God Eater
aka: God Eater Burst

For the franchise as a whole:

  • Awesome Music: Among Go Shiina's pieces...
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: While The secondary God Eaters are popular, Gina Dickinson and Kanon Daiba are pretty popular among the fandom
  • Evil Is Sexy: The DLC Aragami Venus may count for this, the human parts of her are quite sexy. Too bad the rest of her body kind of ruins it.
    • The same can be said of any of the other Aragami that take on some semblance of a humanoid female. Arda Nova, for example, would look completely human (and extremely sexy) were it not for the unusual skin coloration (magenta).
  • Fan Nickname: Japanese fans at least seem to have nicknamed Kanon "誤射姫様," or "Friendly-Fire Princess."
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Between Yu and Alisa, which is canon, and between Yu and Kanon, in the Fanfiction.
  • Game Breaker: God Eater 2 and Rage Burst are notorious for this.
    • The Impulse Edge is Simple Yet Awesome, being able to confront a wide variety of Aragami (from being able to bash open a Borg Camlann's shield, to being able to ruin a Quadriga's day by hitting the front treads) with relatively little difficulty.
    • The infamous meteor bullet will let you deal more than 100,000 damage against the Aragami. An update patch reduce its power to half, but it's still broken.
  • Goddamn Bats: In early missions, the goddamn Chi-You and its goddamn damage-resistant legs and its goddamn fast-startup melee attacks that also let it move across the map quickly. Nowhere near Demonic Spider status since it remains killable and doesn't hit too hard, but still highly irritating.
    • Zygotes become a textbook example of this in mid-game level quests, taking precious seconds to kill even with a level-appropriate upgraded weapon, hitting you with various debuffs, and/or just distracting you from focussing on the boss.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: A DLC mission for God Eater 2 (included in the Updated Re-release) titled "A Promise to be Fulfilled" features Yuno, Satsuki and BLOOD going on a picnic (Or what's left of BLOOD anyway). It reveals that the picnic mentioned earlier in the story, which we never got to see, was interrupted because BLOOD was ordered to deploy. All of them then promised to continue the picnic some other time, which makes Romeo's death and Julius's Heroic Sacrifice all the more tragic.
  • Memetic Mutation: Eric! Above you! (Only in Japan)
  • Name's the Same: Sakuya Tachibana - As Kamen Rider Garren, who also happens to be the gun user of the show.
  • No Export for You: Not for the game itself, but for later versions of its DLC. There is demand for it amongst its players, but D3 Publisher bluntly stated on their Facebook page that they would not bring them over to the English version due to localization issues (i.e. the third-party promotional/collaboration items).
  • That One Attack: Several, some of which would make a Plesioth's hipcheck seem preferrable.
    • The Borg Camlann line's tailspin and Arda Nova's combination attacks can be a pretty rude awakening if you can't see them coming.
  • That One Quest: "Cowboy" will be this for some if they did not read the quest objectives (or read and ignored it, not taking it seriously). Here's how the quest goes, there are four mooks and one boss. The quest says only to kill the mooks. Guess what a lot of people tried to do... And that doesn't even take into account the times where the boss is dead-set on ruining your day while you just want to finish the mission properly.
    • The temple where you have to kill four kongous, all of different elemental types.
    • Your first attempt at the Vajra, Ouroboros, Prithvi Mata, Arda Nova, or any of the major bosses.
    • Thor's Banquet. Your objective? Kill four Vajras. Alone. And they usually all spot you the very moment you leave the safe zone. Good luck.

For the Anime:

  • Broken Base: The fanbase has been split in two groups:
    • The fans are not pleased that Yu was replaced by Lenka in the anime adaptation, the reasons why he's disliked is because he is a generic shonen lead, with generic Anime Hair, hotblooded, and too serious and angsty. Meanwhile, Yu is caring, polite, intelligent, cheerful without being annoying and a total badass, as shown in light novel/manga adaptations.
    • While the other fans disliked Yu because in the actual game, he is a generic lead and lacks both backstory and personality. This applies especially to people who never read the manga/light novels. Meanwhile, Lenka have some unique/special traits and has a backstory.
  • Narm:
    • The constant Overcrank shots used in the anime are mean to be badass, but they just end up looking awkward and unintentionally funny to witness.
    • The many gasp shots from Lenka when he is supposed to come off surprised at some kind of revelation that's been revealed to him can become extremely comical after awhile.

Alternative Title(s): God Eater Burst