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YMMV: Goblins
  • Archive Binge: Not a huge one, but definitely worthwhile.
  • Arc Fatigue:
    • The goblin group spend a good three years or so sneaking into a city and then getting out. Though the two other subplots going on at the same time helped even it out.
    • The Maze of Many/Well of Darkness arc. It took over two years before the main cast was seen again, as the plot kept jumping between Minmax's party and Dies Horribly instead of just sticking in one place.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Dellyn Goblinslayer, ranger and captain of Brassmoon city's Elite Guard, is a highly sadistic Torture Technician and Fantastic Racist whose hobby was capturing live monsters, then vivisecting them to learn their weaknesses. One of Dellyn's preferred tortures was using knives designed to cause certain monsters the most agony imaginable in order to permanently mutilate them by carving insults into their skin. Other tortures included amputating limbs and, in one instance, flaying the skin off of a monster's back so that her spine was clearly visible. Planning on having his Elite Guards supplant Brassmoon's current guard to increase his political power, and mistakenly believing that a goblin army was ready to attack the city, Dellyn arranged a public execution for the goblin Fumbles, who he had mutilated earlier, in order to lure the other goblins out of hiding. Once they did so, Dellyn planned on his guards annihilating the "invading forces" so that the city would back his political play. When one of his men told him that many innocent bystanders would be caught in the crossfire, Dellyn was happy, noting that this would only make the rest of the citizens more grateful for showing them what's at risk. Dellyn also had a Yuan-Ti slave named Kin, who he abducted then raped and beat on a nightly basis, repeatedly reducing her to her last hitpoint before reviving her with healing potions. Ultimately Dellyn was nothing more than a petty sadist whose desire was to be worshipped as a heroic savior by the people he'd sacrifice without a second thought.
    • Kore is a dwarf Paladin who sees all "monster" races as Always Chaotic Evil and indiscriminately slaughters any members of such he finds, in a world where only demons and undead can be considered such. Even defenseless elders and those begging for mercy aren't spared. When confronted with a small dwarf child who was raised by an orc to be a decent person and not afflicted by the Fantastic Racism endemic to the setting, he butchers the kid like any of the other humanoids he just massacred, ignoring the foster father's dying pleas to spare him, claiming the boy was hopelessly tainted. When Chief attempts a You Shall Not Pass on Kore so the rest of the goblin party can escape, Kore takes down Chief, heals him so he doesn't die, and then tortures him so his screams of pain will lure back the rest of the group. This proves his hypocrisy since he uses his prey's basic moral decency against them yet still considers them irredeemable scum. When Minmax and Forgath show up, he also attacks them even though they were also fighting the goblin party, believing that the latter is part of an Always Chaotic Evil clan simply because one of the members he encountered earlier happened to be evil. He has had zero Freudian Excuse revealed, although Forgath's horrified reaction to finding out Kore is there hints that something very twisted happened involving him. Also, there is serious Fridge Horror in that either he never uses his Detect Evil, or ignores it when it reveals that his prey aren't all evil. This dovetails with his twisted world view that anyone associating with what he considers evil monsters are tainted and worthy of nothing but pitiless extermination, no rehabilitation possible.
  • Crazy Awesome: Tempts Fate. He gets off on danger and excitement.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: See the list.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: See the list.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: You get the idea.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy:
    • Starting to creep in after Kore kills Chief. That arc was grim enough, but the following horrors happening to Dies Horribly's party and to Minmax's party in their respective dungeon crawls have taken the strip into full grimdark territory that's making it hard to care.
    • And now at the end of Minmax and company dungeon crawls it just gets worse. Minmax and Kin's relationship gets a reset through actions of a third part, retconing their development to each other away, with a rape allegory during their "break up" as a bonus.
  • Genius Bonus: The final panel of this comic uses a classic mathematical fallacy to prove that 1=0.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
  • Ho Yay:
    • Forgath mentions that nothing they do in the Maze of Many matters because of the time loop. Minmax's first instinct is to lift up the dwarf and give him a deep long kiss. Minmax claims this is okay because Forgath is played by a girl.
    • Les Yay and Foe Yay between our Kin and Scorpion Kin in this comic and the next.
    • Kin 201 has feelings for Kin 80, her alternate reality doppelganger, based at least partially on the fact 80 has what 201's dimension considers masculine Tertiary Sexual Characteristics.
  • Memetic Mutation: "I'M SAD!", often used by critics who accuses the comic for being a bit too wangsty.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • If Goblinslayer's sadistic tortures, Fantastic Racism and various bits of jerkassery hadn't already sent him over, he flies right past it when he lovingly describes how he constantly physically brutalizes and rapes Kin. Appropriately, this leads in short order to his Karmic Death.
    • Kore manages to cross this in the first scene he appears in, by murdering an orphaned dwarf child just because he had been taken in by an orc that took him in after killing his father. An orc who used his dying breaths to beg Kore to spare the innocent kid, no less.
      • It's also quite likely that Kore has tracked down the Goblin Adventuring Party's village and killed every woman and child there.
    • Psi Minmax's attempt to use Kin's leash to force her to tell him what he wants to know, knowing full well how she feels about it.
    • Evil Klik gets one when he tortures and brutally murders Klik even after Dies Horribly begs him not to do so.
  • Narm: Quite common, and the loose, exaggerated artstyle doesn't help. Perhaps the most infamous example was one unfortunate guard's complaint that "It hurts! It hurts like a sickness!", which the author himself decided to change after realising that it sounded a bit too silly.
    • "MY ARRRRRRRM!" The largely hideous artwork and the overdone line combine to make this the most unintentionally funny moment since the Trope Namer.
  • The Scrappy: Ruby the alternate Kin for breaking up Kin and Minmax, who had been leaning towards Official Couple status, due to her Fantastic Racism against all humans, which she accomplished by stealing Kin's necklace and then erasing it from history.
  • Squick:
    • The Shield of Wonder and its myriad gory ways of killing people.
    • The way Mr. Fingers moves and that sound it makes. According to its stats Mr. Fingers does not have joints. It moves by constantly breaking and growing bone. Oh, also it eats by causing people it touches to slowly and painfully melt into goo.
  • Too Cool to Live: K'Sellis, whose death is both upsetting and rather nauseating.

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