YMMV / Glory

Glory (The Film)

  • Award Snub: Nominated for 5 Oscars, yet oddly enough, Best Picture wasn't one of them.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Just about the entirety of James Horner's score. Highlights include "A Call to Arms," "The Whipping," "Preparations for Battle" and, of course, "Charging Fort Wagner".
  • Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory: In his review, Civil War historian James R. McPherson suggested that the scene where Shaw is practicing his sword technique to slice up watermelons symbolized a desire by the filmmakers to destroy negative stereotypes of African-Americans. Director Edward Zwick, however, said that they just used watermelons in that scene because pumpkins were out of season at the time of filming.
  • Genius Bonus: Viewers familiar with the period immediately before the Civil War will know what to expect when it is mentioned that Colonel Montgomery is from Kansas. Kansas Territory had been the site of a decade-long series of armed clashes between pro-slavery and abolitionist settlers known as "Bleeding Kansas," largely considered a prelude to the Civil War.
  • Idiot Ball: What makes the scene where Shaw has Trip whipped so hard to watch, besides the violence and sheer Values Dissonance of it all, is the fact that it shouldn't have happened at all. The entire sequence only happens because three of the film's characters make stupid decisions at the worst possible time. To elaborate: Trip is whipped because Shaw thinks he tried to desert his post, but as it turns out, Trip was only going to get shoes for the rest of the regiment and had every intention of returning once his task was complete. However, this information is only brought to light once the punishment has already been carried out and it's not revealed beforehand due to 1) Shaw blindly believing the accusations against Trip without at least investigating to make sure they're real, 2) Trip making absolutely no effort to even explain or defend himself, and 3) Rawlins, who knew the truth about Trip the whole time, only choosing to explain what really happened to Shaw after Trip has been whipped. A fine example of a tragic, gruesome situation that could have been avoided had these characters made smarter and more timely moves.
  • Narm:
    • During the final battle, Searles climbs over the hill and yells, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHOOOO!".
    • What about the scene where Matthew Broderick tries to intimidate the quartermaster? Who in their right mind would be intimidated by Ferris Bueller?
  • Nightmare Fuel: When Shaw's wounds are being treated in a hospital, there's a soldier whose leg is getting amputated screaming, pleading and writhing in pain in the background. Even though it's covered by a curtain, you can still see what's going on a bit and you can still see the soldier's face. His screams are just very unnerving and chilling, and just make you feel really bad for him too. On top of that, it just shows you how bad war and amputations were back in the day.
    • The opening with the Battle of Antietam also has this, when a fellow officer gets his head shredded by an exploding cannonball, with viscera splattering on Shaw's face.
  • Retroactive Recognition: That's Neelix tending Shaw's wounds after the Battle of Antienam in the beginning.
  • Special Effects Failure: As Shaw is falling after he has been shot dead, viewers can make out the squib line tied to one of his legs.
    • Also less apparent is the appearance of a tourist's head in the background of the scene where Rawlins declares a "Year of Jubilee." Both of these are pointed by director Edward Zwick during the course of his DVD Commentary.

Glory (The Comic)

  • Chaotic Neutral: Nanaja, with a dash of Ax-Crazy. She only fights on Glory's side because she hates her father more.
  • My Real Daddy: Moore's Glory was regarded as an improvement, but also a dry-run for his ideas for Promethea. But Keatinge's Glory was regarded as one of the best Image relaunches in years.
  • Ugly Cute: Henry, who is a giant demon-thing, but also lovely and nice and likes taking pictures with old cameras.