YMMV: Girl Friends


  • Les Yay: Sugi and Tamamin.
    • When Akko mentions Sugi likes to apply her perfume to her waist and thighs, both Kuno and Urara blush and have an Imagine Spot of her doing so in lacy lingerie.
      Urara: Sugi-san rocks. <3
      Kuno: She's got it going on. <3


  • Harsher in Hindsight: One episode has Toni and Joan fall out with each other. They eventually get back together; it happens in a Church with a Gospel Choir and everything and it was quite the lovely scene. Cue the end of season 6 when they have another falling out, this time, seemingly for good.
  • Magnificent Bitch: Toni. Joan even acknowledged that this was why they were friends in the first place.
    Joan: "You are the bitch I have always wanted to be."
    Toni: (Stunned, taken aback): "Oh, you're just saying that!"