YMMV / Ghost Story

  • Complete Monster: Corpsetaker. After her physical form is destroyed during the events of Dead Beat, she shows a penchant for enslaving other ghosts and torturing those in her way with nothing but sadistic cruelty and glee.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Perceptive readers would have guessed that Captain Murphy was lying the moment he said it. The rules of Dresden verse is that someone who knows the future can't outright avert fate unless they are very oblique and indirect about it. An outright 'you must save these people' would destroy reality if it was true.
  • Genius Bonus: When Harry refers to Uriel as "Uri," Uriel gets angry and tells Dresden that he's left off the most important part of the name. Like many angel names, the "-el" suffix in Uriel denotes that he serves God.