YMMV / Ghost Master

  • Ending Fatigue: The bonus level Class of Spook'em High gives the game a legitimate ending in which you and your minions leaving the town by entering a bright light in the sky. Unlock all or most of the ghosts in the game, and the sequence seems to go on forever. Each ghost rises up, does a pose, and flies off. Did we mention there's a lot of ghosts in the game?
  • Fridge Horror: Sometimes you can glean a fair amount of disturbing background information from what kind of fetter a mundane object serves as. Some is more straightforward: the living room of the 'Calamityville' house, the one that was once inhabited by an old lady who poisoned her guests' tea, still contains a teaset that can serve as a 'murder' or 'violence' fetter - the same teaset she had used, still there. Then there's the one hospital bed that apparently a murder victim died on (or was perhaps even helped along by one of the staff?). And then there's the occasional couch or bed in the frat house, the mafia cruiser and the military base that serve as fetters for 'violence' and 'emotional'...
    • Everything about some of the Ghosts themselves and there backstories is just horrifying. For example, Terroreyes a floating brain and eyeballs found at the frat house. Why is he there? He was brutally murdered and used for illegal scientific research before the frat boy managed to steal what was left of him. Arklight was just a run of the mill worker trying to do his job before he got killed by a mentally disturbed women along with all the other ghosts in her home.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The intro cutscene can be...very unnerving. Also, even though you play as the ghosts, some are still simply creepy — not to mention some of the epitaphs.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Hailed as a Sims-beater. Two sequels later and this game sunken into obscurity, well...yeah.
  • Tear Jerker: Realizing Lucky died due to a malfunctioning pinball table that she rested on because it was warm. Just...the kittens. Why the kittens?
  • Trial-and-Error Gameplay: Manipulation missions, period. In the "Spooky Hollow" mission, the only way to learn which powers can disrupt the summoning ritual is to try them all, even though location should give you some hint. "The Blair Wisp Project" takes the cake, though, because three humans can easily wander away from each other, making it impossible to manipulate them all at once.