YMMV / Genocide Man

  • Magnificent Bastard: The series' artificial intelligences do seem to have a knack for outsmarting everyone in ways both amazing and horrifying. It started in a minor way with the locator AI Fumiaki left herding the protagonists against an exit they would've never considered, but it went full-scale with the Kentaro AI engineering the downfall of GUS and helping it along, as well as leaving a clean slate for the world to actually progress, and finally the Fumiaki AI forcing the world to accept his inventions by way of using a Bait-and-Switch plague to infect the world (hidden under a simpler, more conventionally murderous strain) with his alteration chambers being the only cure, and leaving some codes online for people who wanted to modify themselves in any way they wished right out in the open before the cover plague was even done killing, so that they could sneak pills to program the chambers from the inside right before they could cure the secondary plague. Both of these helped achieve a better world, and all of them through murderously brilliant plans.