YMMV: Generation 2021

  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Based on the comments, Rachel and Ken.
  • Goddamned Zubats: Averted when they came to Mt. Moon, but only because they skipped the whole cave and went over the mountain instead.
  • Canon Rape: Lots of it. Almost nothing follows canon. At all. The only thing that's the same is the fact that Pokémon are still what they seem to be, and attacks are still what they appear to be.
    • At one point, the attacks will actually affect humans the exact same way in which they affect Pokémon. Rachel faints and the judge actually declares her "unable to battle". This was, however, played for laughs.
    • Lavender Town has a Gym.
    • The Silph Co. building was historically used as an operating base for Team Rocket, instead of them taking it over.
      • And it's called the Mizuki Building instead.