YMMV / Gearbox Software

  • Face of the Band: CEO Randy Pitchford
  • Never Live It Down: Their handling of Aliens: Colonial Marines have caused several players to swear vengeance against Gearbox for supposedly screwing over the beloved Alien license in favor of improving the company's own Borderlands 2. Not helping their case is Randy Pitchford's continual insistence that there's nothing wrong with the game (despite it being an Obvious Beta which packed its marketing with outright bullshit) and that anyone who dislikes it is just "a hater", which has earned him a special place on the lists of hated individuals in the gaming industry.
  • One of Us: Yes, they are game developers, but the sheer number of Shout Outs present in their games qualifies them for this status again.
  • Sleeper Hit: Actually backed up by sales figures - Pitchford noted in more than one interview that Borderlands actually sold better as time went on (compared to usual burst of sales at release and slow trickle afterwards), thanks to good word of mouth.
  • Vaporware: Defied by their rescuing of Duke Nukem Forever, althought the result wasn't the best.