YMMV / Gearbox Software

  • Face of the Band: CEO Randy Pitchford, for better or for worse.
  • Internet Backdraft: Their deal with G2A, a controversial online gaming marketplace that has been accused of screwing over their clients in the past. Gearbox planned to work with G2A on selling a Collector's Edition of Bulletstorm, but severed ties with them after an enormous amount of backlash from the gaming community. It didn't help Gearbox or G2A after TotalBiscuit weighed in on the issue and swore off reviewing Gearbox games. Eventually, Gearbox severed ties with G2A after the latter failed to meet the former's new demands to clean up their act.
    • They're now facing this after joining with Compulsion Games on We Happy Few. The sudden price hike, inclusion of pre-order bonuses, collector's edition that doesn't include the game, and a season pass upset many looking forward to the quirky indie title.
  • Never Live It Down: The release of Aliens: Colonial Marines, a highly anticipated game with a built in fanbase, as an Obvious Beta with crippled AI and which packed its marketing with outright lies). Randy Pitchford's insistence that the game was fine in defiance of player and reviewer experience, and that anyone who disliked it was just "a hater", earned him a place on the lists of hated individuals in the gaming industry.
  • One of Us: Yes, they are game developers, but the sheer number of Shout Outs present in their games qualifies them for this status again.
  • Sleeper Hit: Actually backed up by sales figures - Pitchford noted in more than one interview that Borderlands actually sold better as time went on (compared to usual burst of sales at release and slow trickle afterwards), thanks to good word of mouth.
  • Snark Bait: As time goes on, the devlopers have become less respected and more the butt of jokes, thanks in no small part to Randy Pitchford's actions and statements.
  • Vaporware: Defied by their rescuing of Duke Nukem Forever, although the result wasn't the best.