YMMV / Gear

  • Adaptation Displacement: Its much Lighter and Softer adaptation Catscratch is more well known than this (yet, ironically, much more difficult to acquire).
  • Awesome Moments:
    • Any of the Guardian battles.
    • "You'll never threaten my son again, Big Tomato"... For all of the fact that he's a gentle humanitarian, the Bad Guys finally push Dr. Pilk's Berserk Button, leading to the Death by Irony mentioned below. Even when the button is pressed so much, Pilk remains quiet and dignified in a very powerful way.
  • Crazy Awesome: Gordon and Gear.
  • Funny Moments:
    • "Is he armed?" "Only if fat is a weapon, sir."
    • "Send your fastest men to rescue Mr. Black, quick!" "Our fastest men got their legs cut off by insects!" "Then they aren't your fastest men, are they?!"
  • Heartwarming Moment: The two dog cops, Bernie and Weaver, at the end of the first chapter.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Emperor Pago. If you think he's just a Jerk Ass at first, you won't by the end.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Bernie and Weaver take up approximately 2 pages of the entire comic, but they manage to pull off a very moving Heartwarming Moment.
  • Tear Jerker: Simon's monologue from beyond the grave, Gear and Waffle's deaths, the Bittersweet Ending... it might just be easier to list the things in this comic that DIDN'T make you choke up.
  • Uncanny Valley: The characters are deep into the valley for some, at least for those who are used to Catscratch and didn't know the source material. Special mention goes to Waffle. He's cute and sweet in both versions, but GEAR Waffle is... jarring. This is because the author made clay models of the characters to base the art off of.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Younger children who watched Catscratch should wait until they're older to give this a read.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?
  • The Woobie:
    • Gear. Sweet mechanical Jesus, Gear. His adorable robot woobieness rivals that of Wall E.
    • This trope also definitely applies to Waffle too, though he becomes something of an Iron Woobie after he receives a peptalk from Chee and takes a level in badass