YMMV / GastroPhobia

  • Fridge Brilliance: Phobia and Klepto complain that Philia won't stop following them yet acts like she's the one annoyed with them. Philia later reveals that she is Phobia and Klepto's teenage daughter from the future and wants to spend more time with them due to them getting killed before she got a chance to know them. It is considered fairly common, if sometimes a bit stereotypical for teenagers to both like and get annoyed with their parents.
  • Tearjerker:
      • And Sophia thinks about how her cynical nature has run off every possible person she could have called a friend. And, with the statement below, has possibly lost Gastro as well.
    Sophia: (thinking to herself) Okay Sophia, this is your last chance to have a friend. Don't say anything cynical to run him off like the others.
    Sophia: (unable to repress her outburst) Her parents should be arrested.