YMMV / Garth Ennis

  • Complete Monster: Oh so many of his villains. Nicky Cavella, William Rawlins, the Slavers, Barracuda, Gen. Kreigkopf, Carl King, Sabbat, Cal, Harald Jaekelsson, Black Noir, John Godolkin, Marie L'Angell, Jody, Tom Dawson, Mr. Truman, Emad Homayoun, Churchill, Penny Saetta, the Big Bad of Caliban, Rudi Gagarin, he's got enough to fill out a whole sub-page by himself. According to Ennis himself, this is a direct reaction to the concept of "Joker Immunity" that pervades the comic-book medium. He once phrased it in a Wizard interview as writing villains who are "worth the bullet"; he doesn't enjoy works in which the hero proves his moral superiority by letting the villain live, as that's usually a choice on the hero's part that will get someone else killed at some point down the road. Of course, this ends up with the side effect of most of his villains being one-dimensional and poorly written, not to mention redundant as they end up basically all the same.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Ennis has an extraordinarily dark sense of humor and a penchant for sex jokes, which turns many would-be readers off from his work. While he's not unusual in that regard among other UK-based writers (Warren Ellis in particular can give him a run for his money), Ennis is the one who's built a reputation off of it.
  • Promoted Fanboy: He was a big fan of 2000 AD and especially Judge Dredd as a kid. He considers this to have been detrimental to his run on the strip, as he felt that he had too much respect for the character to make fun with many of his stories.
    • Played with on his run on Dan Dare; in an essay to the collected edition, he openly acknowledges that while he respects the character he has no particular sentimental attachment to him; he does, however, appreciate the values that Dare's creator imbued him with, which attracted him to the project.
  • Write Who You Know: A lot of his best-written characters are Irish.