YMMV / Gargoyle's Quest

  • Awesome Music: It's a Capcom series. Of course it has this.
  • Best Level Ever: Breagers castle in the first game. You've got max hitpoints, all the breath weapons and just got infinite flight. You're ready for anything. And then you enter a huge sprawling maze of a castle with awesome music playing that puts every last skill you've got to the test! Needless to say, it's the perfect final level.
  • Cult Classic: The entire series, but Demon's Crest in particular. It sold quite poorly when it came out, but has amassed a cult following for its dark and moody atmosphere, detailed spritework, great music and compelling gameplay and is generally very well-regarded. In fact, despite its initial commercial failure it has gone on to influence other games in the genre, including Capcom's own Mega Man ZX and WayForward Technologies's Shantae series.
  • Demonic Spider: The plant/dragon... Thing. Not only can it fly through walls, it never stops chasing you and takes an ass-ton of hits to kill. If you're jammed up in a tight space with no room to maneuver, your only option is to RUN!
  • Foe Yay: Firebrand and Arma have a couple interesting conversations.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In II, a location you visit is the Valley of Gaza.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Again, the plant/dragon... Thing you encounter in the desert of Destitution. As if their unsettling appearance wasn't enough, THEY NEVER STOP CHASING YOU! They can even fly through walls!
  • That One Boss: Four-Eyes. What makes him so difficult is that you fight him before getting any health upgrade, meaning you've only got 2 measly hitpoints against this guy, who is split into four parts that can tank a surprisingly large amount of damage. And you better not have taken any damage before getting there or else you're a One-Hit-Point Wonder. To cap it off, you battle him over 2 pits of spikes that is very easy to fall into, thanks to the moving platform you have to fight on.