YMMV / Gargoyle's Quest

  • Awesome Music: It's a Capcom series. Of course it has this.
  • Best Level Ever: Breagers castle in the first game. You've got max hitpoints, all the breath weapons and just got infinite flight. You're ready for anything. And then you enter a huge sprawling maze of a castle with awesome music playing that puts every last skill you've got to the test! Needless to say, it's the perfect final level.
  • Cult Classic: The entire series, but Demon's Crest in particular. It sold quite poorly when it came out, to the point where it generated negative sales at one point (thanks to more people returning it than buying it), but has amassed a cult following for its dark and moody atmosphere, detailed spritework, great music and compelling gameplay and is generally very well-regarded. In fact, despite its initial commercial failure it has gone on to influence other games in the genre, including Capcom's own Mega Man ZX and WayForward Technologies's Shantae series.
  • Demonic Spider: The plant/dragon... Thing. Not only can it fly through walls, it never stops chasing you and takes an ass-ton of hits to kill. If you're jammed up in a tight space with no room to maneuver, your only option is to RUN!
  • Foe Yay: Firebrand and Arma have a couple interesting conversations.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In II, a location you visit is the Valley of Gaza.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Again, the plant/dragon... Thing you encounter in the desert of Destitution. As if their unsettling appearance wasn't enough, THEY NEVER STOP CHASING YOU! They can even fly through walls!
  • That One Boss: Four-Eyes. What makes him so difficult is that you fight him before getting any health upgrade, meaning you've only got 2 measly hitpoints against this guy, who is split into four parts that can tank a surprisingly large amount of damage. And you better not have taken any damage before getting there or else you're a One-Hit-Point Wonder. To cap it off, you battle him over 2 pits of spikes that is very easy to fall into, thanks to the moving platform you have to fight on.