YMMV / Gamma World

  • Broken Base: On whether the newer editions started ruining the game and when the suck hit, or if it didn't go in reverse, going from suck to awesome as the editions rolled by. It often hinges on whether or not the critic likes grimdark and which edition they think has it most.
    • The earlier the edition the more anyone can die. Also, earlier editions had some of the hardest hits of black comedy, even compared to the 7th edition (which is more zany than bleak).
    • The middle editions (and especially the D20 edition) gained a more hopeful tone, that something might be done to make the mess less messy, and also that the player characters will last for more than a few days. On the other hand, they took away a lot of the elements played for laughs, or at least didn't actively try to make them funny.
    • The current edition takes the bizarre comedic aspect of the early editions and cranks it up to eleven.
  • MST3K Mantra: Just repeat to yourself, "I am a two-headed yeti beating robots to death with a parking meter, I am, I am," until the desire to complain about silliness dissipates.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The general consensus on the 7th edition Collectible Card Game mechanic, where one bought powers and tech to use in their game in the form of booster packs, was the barbecuing of WotC across the fandom.