YMMV: Gamera Vs Barugon

  • Awesome Music: Chuji Kinoshita's score.
  • Complete Monster: Onodera. While his exposing Barugon's egg to infrared rays was actually an accident, he still earns the title in many other ways. Let's count those ways, shall we?
    • He fires a revolver at the New Guinea villagers, for no real reason.
    • After Kawajiri and Keisuke risk their lives to save him from quicksand, he backstabs them by letting a scorpion sting Kawajiri and then blows up the cave while Keisuke is still in it.
    • He beats up a crippled man (Ichiro Hirata, Keisuke's brother) and his wife, and not only steals their money, but also sets their house on fire, while they're trapped and unable to move.
    • He then tries to steal a diamond that is necessary for the military to defeat Barugon.
    • And he also probably ends up giving Barugon indigestion.
  • Ugly Cute: Barugon. Just look at that lizard, he's adorable!