YMMV / Game Of Thrones S1E7 "You Win or You Die"

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: The writers intend us to see Renly as the Only Sane Man for advising Ned to take the throne for Renly instead of Stannis and fleeing the city so he can make himself King. On the other hand, is it really admirable behaviour that when Renly realizes there's about to be a Succession Crisis his response is to try grabbing the Iron Throne himself, even though it goes blatantly against the law of the realm? He may claim to be the better King, but he is asking Ned to go against his morals, and is willing to start a war for it.
    • Is Ned being Lawful Stupid for refusing Renly's offer, or is he just doing the smart thing, backing Stannis as a proven battle commander when he knows that war with the Lannisters is inevitable?
  • Best Known for the Fanservice: Sorry, Littlefinger, would you mind repeating that character-defining monologue without the girl-on-girl going on three feet away?
    Television Without Pity Recap: I really can't emphasize enough how distracting it is that he's delivering this monologue while two naked ladies are theatrically pleasuring each other.