• Internet Backdraft: Again, the character contests. There's been many cases of this: the first Mario vs Crono match, Link curbstomping in general, and more recently Draven winning thanks to backing from Reddit.
  • Its Popular, so It Sucks: The Legend of Zelda is infamous for being the most popular game series on the site by a huge margin. Needless to say, this annoys people who are sick of Link winning every character popularity tournament, a Zelda game winning "Best Game of X" tournaments, etc., making such contests/tourneys extremely predictable. This arguably reached its peak when The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask won a "Best Game of the Decade" award; while Majora is considered a very good game, its reviews don't quite hold up to many other games released during the decade despite common fan opinions of its rivaling Ocarina of Time as the best game in the series.
  • Memetic Mutation: So, so much. Saxon = Joke Account is probably the longest running though.
    • The character battles are a big reason for the L block's popularity.
    • "X needs an ice cream monster" has become a bit of a catch phrase on the 3DS and WiiU boards, due to a rather infamous anti-Nintendo poster known for, among other things, his blind, seething hatred of Vanillish.
  • Network Decay:
    • WoT (408), it originated as a forum to discuss the events of 9/11 and then the war on terror. One of the two acknowledged instances of board decay; it quickly devolved into a social board, and due to the topicality issues, the board was temporarily removed, then reinstated as a hidden board. In the process, it was officially renamed from "War on Terrorism" to WOT. The politics discussions were then given its own board, 261.
    • To a lesser extent, read the main article on this page and think of everything associated with the site: the message boards, the polls, the character battle contests, the controversial reviews, the fanbase arguments, the moderation, the CNET controversy... and realize how few of those words are actually about FAQs and guides nowadays.