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YMMV: Gall Force
  • Les Yay
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: Very so much inverted; The 2 games that were made by Hal Laboratory (yes, that Hal Laboratory) for the MSX and Famicom Disk System are listed as some of the best games for said systems, however, the same can't be said about the MSX2 game (which Hal Laboratory had nothing to do with).
  • Too Cool to Live: Lufy is the biggest Badass in the first movie, but she dies early on in the opening battle. Averted with the sequels, where she's brought Back from the Dead and is treated as the protagonist.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Eternal Story suggests that the New Lifeform a human male would suppress certain emotions in Solenoids and lead to peace between the two races. Since one of the races is made entirely of human women, including Rabby's dream where a bunch of nude, frolicking women are struck down before she goes off with a boy, it comes off as a bit unfair towards alternative lifestyles.
    • In the ED (end-credits song) of Eternal Story, the singer assures her boyfriend (in Gratuitous English) that she's not some kind of feminist.

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