YMMV / Galerians

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: It doesn't take much for Dr. Steiner and Dr. Pascalle to start seeming like Mad Scientists. They create a super A.I. evidently just to prove it can be done, and give it free run of a whole city. Once it all goes horribly wrong, their attempt to recover involves experimenting on their kids. But it's a Necessary Evil! Because they say so.
  • Complete Monster: Dorothy is an advanced rogue AI and responsible for all the evil in the duology. Having become obsessed with achieving godhood, Dorothy hijacks the computer system of the city's hospital and performs horrible experiments on its patients and staff, just so she could prove to be equal to god by creating the titular Galerians. Discovering that her creators are planning on shutting her down, Dorothy forcefully injects a young and innocent Galerian with PPEC to turn him into a sadistic killer and sends him to commit a bloodbath at their household, killing and transforming her creator's 14-year-old son, Rion Steiner, into a Galerian so she can find the sole survivor of the massacre. The sequel explores even more of her atrocities, as Dorothy had created a sentient backup program to resurrect her in case of defeat, keeping him captive and torturing him for the equivalent of thousands of years, leaving him as a bitter and resentful individual. A tyrannical egomaniac, Dorothy had no compassion, not even for her own children.
  • Cult Classic: The series is not well known, and in the surface is a classic Resident Evil clone, but still, the Cyberpunk setting, the weird characters, and the crafted story, despite its plot holes, it feels pretty unique. The concept was revisited a few years later with Second Sight, but with varying degrees of success.
  • Foe Yay / Ho Yay: Ash and Rion, heavily. In addition, certain fans seem to see it between Rion and some of the other Galerians, particularly Cain.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Pat has got to be intentional. Got to be.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?: Arguably everyone in the sequel.
    • It's a Cyberpunk world, what did you expect?
  • The Woobie: In a few ways, Rainheart. Lilia is a straighter example.