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YMMV: Galaxy High
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Of Aimee and Doyle's old high school. It's implied Aimee was outcast because she was smart. Considering how she acts a lot of the time, though, maybe they just disliked her because she's, well, kind of a bitch. She only gets bitchy after Doyle has...well, really brought it on himself. But even so.
  • Awesome Art: The cartoon has gorgeous animation.
  • Funny Moments: There's numerous funny moments, but the conversation between literal airhead Booey Bubblehead and her male counterpart Alan Airhead is pure comedy gold:
    Booey: Hi. My name's Booey Bubblehead. What's yours?
    Alan: Alan Airhead.
    Booey: Nice to meet you.
    Alan: Nice to meet who?
    Booey: You.
    Alan: We met?
    Booey: Yeah, you're Alan Airhead. I didn't forget your name.
    Alan: Gee, I like smart girls.
    Booey: You know any?
    Alan: Know any what?
    Booey: Smart girls. By the way, I'm Booey Bubblehead.
    Alan: I'm Alan Airhead. Wanna go out some time?
    Booey: (puzzled) With who?
  • Just Here for Godzilla: There are viewers who watched this just because TMS animated it.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Most of Martian Mumps. Seriously... how would you feel if a plague had robbed nearly all of your friends of their emotions? And on top of that, you have to deal with a smug, inflexible and obsessively anti-Martian militant captain trying to "help" without anyone asking for his help...

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