YMMV: Gakuen Alice

  • Complete Monster: The Elementary School Principal, Kuonji. Kidnapping, extortion, blackmail, child abuse, child slavery, etc. He's not a good person. At first, he turned Luna against Yuka and made them enemies. Then, after Yuka's stealng alice was discovered, he forced her to go on missions and steal the alices of dying/dead people. He was also responsible for Izumi Yukihira's death, practically brainwashed Rei, AKA Persona, implied to be responsible for Kaoru's death, burned Natsume's hometown by making Aoi's alice go out of control and held her hostage to ensure Natsume's loyalty, caused Yuka's death, and severely injured Narumi. He's currently holding Mikan hostage, preventing her from using her alice to heal Nobara. Oh, and his clone is the boss of the Z organization, which kidnapped Natsume and nearly killed Hotaru.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: MindReader-kun
  • Ho Yay: Mostly concentrated around Narumi and his pheromone Alice. The highlight was kissing Misaki-sensei (though there were other motives for that).
    • Rui to Tsubasa like wow, or any guy who might be pretty. That is, if you don't think he's rather vague in his preferences, if at all.
    • Yuri and her girls.
  • Fan Nickname: The Elementary School Principal is referred to by fans as the ESP or PSP (Primary School Principal) for short.
  • Les Yay: Even when the author seems to gear towards Mikan/Natsume, Mikan at times has pretty vivid fantasies about Hotaru.
    • What about the episode where Mikan rolls around in bed, hugging and kissing the pillow while repeatedly saying Hotaru's name in her sleep?!
    • Yuri.
    • Luna gets a whole lot of this towards Yuka in the flashbacks.
      • In chapter 132 Hotaru actually kisses Mikan, saying that she loves her more than Mikan thinks. Shocked reactions abound, in-story and in fandom.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Principal Kuonji (ESP). Many times.
    • Goshima arguably crosses it when he murders Yuka on the ESP's orders.
  • The Woobie: Mikan, especially when she first enters the school and has to bear plenty of snobbery from the other students and a crappy dorm room. Things gravitate from worse to better as the plot progresses, though she has friends to back her up and protect her heavily by then.
    • Most of the Dangerous Ability students could fit this, to some extent. Especially Rei