YMMV / Gail Simone

  • Creator Worship:
    • Try criticizing her online. You will not survive. This has lessened in recent years, with her second Birds of Prey run and her New 52 Batgirl run being received a lot more coolly than her earlier work; that the latter would have been particularly controversial regardless of writers has not helped matters.
    • Due to her original call to fame being her calling out the tendency of writers to harm female characters for quick drama for male character, she's also had to deal with some of the more vicious defenders of comics, who refuse to accept there's anything wrong with the medium, to crutinize her later work; its not uncommon to see people accuse her of being a hypocrite because in one story a female character is hurt somehow, regardless of the situation behind itnote 
  • LGBT Fanbase
  • My Real Daddy: Gail is considered one of the best hero and villain rehabilitators, and the Birds of Prey and Catman, amongst others, have become inextricably linked to her. She's particularly known for taking female characters initially created solely for fanservice and making them three-dimensional and worthy of respect. She is also responsible, alongside Greg Rucka, with setting the current tone of Wonder Woman comics. And Deadpool has declared her his mommy.