YMMV / Fuzzy Knights

  • Nightmare Fuel: "EAT HAMAESTRA NOW!"
    If you try to take control of the Story, you have to pay the piper. And if you think you understand the Rules so well they no longer apply to you... ...then the Story will devour you whole.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The middle part of Little Bear Awakens. A newly-Awakened toy bear, essentially the Fuzzy version of a newborn, loses the will to live when his first exposure to the world is a TV set to a 24-hour news channel, and the constant reports on wars, murder, terrorism and tragedy convinces him that the world he was so excited to have found himself in is an evil place filled with terrible people.
    • Violet's story. Bought as part of a romantic gift from a boyfriend to his girlfriend, she was immediately discarded and thrown in the trash by said girlfriend without a second thought.
    • A surprising one comes from the conversation between Ben and Target in the LARP storyline, when they discuss their Owners. It's never been a secret that Target's Owner treats him terribly, and though it's mostly played for laughs there's something tragic about Target feebly trying to defend his Owner's actions and basically acting like a battered spouse — but Ben's revelation that his Owner abandoned him years ago and he's actually been homeless this entire time really explains a lot about him.