YMMV / FunOrb

  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: In Arcanists, certain spells can be relied upon to show up in any non-themed Member spellbook, while others show up semi-regularly:
    • Flight provides an almost unparalleled mobility advantage, and doesn't even end your turn, allowing you to do all kinds of mean things to your still-grounded opponent.
    • Arcane Gate can be essential for making a quick getaway, or getting out of a bad spawn. Or hiding in a tiny hole somewhere note . Having it available also prevents you from being forced to use it via Cast from Hit Points when you're inevitably knocked into the water.
    • Mega Boulder, as a comparatively easy to use potential OHK which will deal massive damage if it hits anywhere near the target, is a mainstay. It also blows up a fair amount of earth, making it powerful against enemies that have been trapped prior to using it.
    • Light Shield instantly gives you a 50hp barrier at no cost note , can be recast every 5 turns whenever you get a spare turn, and protects the aformentioned Flight note .
    • Clock Towers one-up the aforementioned Light Shields by adding 75hp, but are incompatible with flight and cost you some of your mobility note . They also stack with Light Shields.
    • Black Knights, while lacking in mobility and unable to hit flying targets, have enough health to make OHKing them difficult and usually impractical, while their own giant axe can inflict massive damage and even One Hit Kills with impunity, often leaving your only option as running the heck away. Or using the aforementioned Arcane Gate note .
    • Shock Bomb is the hardest-hitting reliable damage spell, as well as being able to send opponents flying; with skilful play (and a bit of luck in positioning), it deals massive damage (although not on the same level as the above spells) and forces them to spend their turn teleporting out of the water.
    • Mud Ball traps your opponents by creating terrain around them, limiting their options next turn (and setting them up nicely for a Mega Boulder or Black Knight follow-up).
    • Sky Ray, while less powerful than most of the above spells (and examples of that trope), is still a laser-precise Death from Above attack that deals just enough damage to shoot out a damaged Light Shield, and is thus excellent for grounding flyers (or just dealing damage) no matter where you are. It also has a decent splash radius, allowing it to get past light cover, especially with skilful aim. note .
    • Drain Bolt, although strong enough on its own note , really shines when you box your enemies in with minions, and then drain them all. Or drain your own Tower/Light Shield, making their temporary HP boosts more permanent by adding them to your actual life pool.
    • Arcane Portal has a variety of (ab)uses, and requires only the aforementioned staple Arcane Gate as a prerequisite.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Conductor Rod in Arcanists before it was nerfed.
    • In Armies of Gielinor, it used to be possible to block the opponent's portal by parking a flying unit on top of it—potentially locking them out of summoning units for the rest of the game if they lacked a ranged unit to attack it. Portals have since been updated to deal damage to enemy units that camp on top of them.
    • Those with a decent knowledge of mathematical theory may realize Tetralink, like any connect-4 variant, is mathematically solvable and you can guarantee yourself a 100% win rate with the appropriate guides.
  • Not So Different: Overlight and Underdark in Arcanists. Both are focussed around minions, restoring your own health and your minions', and longer games. Heck, they even both have a Super Mode that lets you restore your health and enjoy another perk (Flight for Overlight, and a permanent Aura of Decay for Underdark), at a cost of locking you out of other spellbooks.