YMMV / Funny Man

  • Complete Monster: The titular demon is a sadist who humors himself by butchering anyone in an ancestral home when awakened. When a wealthy gambler and his family accidentally do so, the Funny Man brutally murders the gambler's wife and children. After a bus, driven by the gambler's brother and a group of hitchhiker's arrive, the Funny Man continues his spree, picking the group off one by one, in ways he finds amusing. Driving the gambler insane, the Funny Man leaves him soaked in blood and body parts while the demon waits for more victims to arrive.
  • Rooting for the Empire: Okay, was anyone seriously rooting for all the stupid or obnoxious human characters to make it out of the castle alive? The Funny Man is by far the most entertaining character on screen, despite being a demonic trickster who starts off his killing spree by murdering a child.