YMMV / FUNimation

  • Americans Hate Tingle: Or Latin Americans Hate Funimation. Due to their refusal to license outside North America or any non-English regions and their continuous region-locks, people in Latin America hate this company very much.
  • Awesome Moments: Has it's own page.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • The original video release of Sankarea included the censored TV broadcast instead of the uncensored version on the Japanese home video release. In 2015, FUNimation re-released the series on home video with the uncensored version intact and the censored version has since been discontinued.
    • Averted with the release of Ben-To. FUNimation almost included the censored version in the home video release but caught on to this before release date. As such the release was moved from summer 2014 to early 2015.
    • In their re-release for Vision of Escaflowne, the initial plan was that only backers receiving the limited edition would get the original English dub on a separate DVD. However, it was then revealed that the original dub would be available on all editions of the release and not a backer exclusive.
    • Funimation's re-release of Code Geass R2 came out in a state where both audio channels were mono instead of being stereo. After enough fans addressed this, Funimation made an announcement that they would look into the issue and try to get stereo audio in future prints of the release.
    • After reciving a lot of complains about the english dub of Dangan Ronpa for replacing everyone character's voices from the game with the exception of Naeginote  they have decided to bring most of the dub cast of Super Dangan Ronpa 2 for the dub of Dangan Ronpa 3 with only Gundham, Akane, Fuyuhiko, Ibuki, Peko and the ultimate imposter not coming back. Also, for apologizing to not contacting the game cast, they brought back Kaiji Tang and Erin Frizgerald sadly not for Role Reprisal but at least giving them important roles.
    • Their Broadcast dub of Prison School has recieved a lot of backlash for including a GamerGate linenote  so they replace it with a more accurate line for the DVD/Blu-Ray release.
  • Broken Base:
    • Broadcast dubs have been a very divisive among FUNimation followers. Some have welcomed them as a new business practice since it allows dub fans to watch popular airing shows without having to wait one or two years for a dub. Supporters have also been fond of FUNimation's decision to redo the dub for the blu-ray and DVD releases with the broadcast dub being a rough draft that allows the voice actors to get comfortable with the show. Others have been more critical towards them as the rushed schedule for recording a broadcast dub affects the overall quality with dubs feeling more "rushed" and since availability is more desirable FUNimation is limited to what talents they can use and many of the same voice actors appear in these dubs.
    • The re-release for Vision of Escaflowne was surrounded by controversy right from the beginning. The fact that the re-dub was being crowd-funded via Kickstarter created issue since many fans feel that Funimation has enough money and resources to do a re-dub without backing from fans. There was also debate over whether or not Escaflowne needed a new dub. Either you feel that the old dub has aged well and had more creative casting choices than what Funimation ended up announcing or since it's an old dub, the show needed a new dub to help it age better. Whether or not Funimation should have gotten Ocean to handle the re-dub was an entirely different topic of debate all together. Add in Funimation almost making the Ocean dub a backer-exclusive award, the insane shipping cost of the limited edition to the United Kingdom, and even after the release backers not receiving some rewards and the retail version using standard Blu-ray cases instead of the advertised clear ones, this is one of the most controversial moves Funimation has made.
    • Anything regarding the Dragon Ball franchise is bound to cause debate among the fandom. Be it debates over whether the original Dragon Ball Z dub has aged well or not, if the Kai dub is the superior version, or if Bruce Falconer should return to score Super or if Funimation firing him was one of the best things to happen to the franchise. If not debates, then backlash will certainly ensue. Controversies have included voice actors such as Dameon Clarke, Laura Bailey, and Meredith Mc Coy being unable to reprise their roles for some installments, the disastrous orange brick DVD-releases for Z (and the subsequent season set Blu-Rays), Kai's initial television airing being on Nicktoons, as well as the fact that it took Funimation three years to announce they have the license for The Final Chapters of Kai, and not announcing the license for Super, until late 2016, despite voice actors and staff members hinting at the license for over a year on Kai alone.
  • Crack Is Cheaper: Thanks to certain series' rights expiring (and thus, falling out of print), some series now sell for outrageous prices, or are simply not available at all. Karin is one such example.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Sentai Filmworks.
  • Growing the Beard: Their English dub of YuYu Hakusho was the start of them gaining respect; many were worried they would make massive changes like they did with Dragon Ball Z. They were pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn't massively altered even on television. But they still had detractors even then. Fortunately...
    • The English dub for Fullmetal Alchemist is often considered by many fans to be what first perked genuine interest in Funimation, after their dub of Dragon Ball Z gave them a rather sour reputation for quite a while, though given the previously mentioned series, it's also safe to say it solidified their beard-growing. After FMA, anime fans wanted to see more out of Funimation, who via the dub established most of their current standards in English dubbing.