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YMMV: Fruits Basket
  • Broken Base: Was Akito's Freudian Excuse enough to justify her behavior, or was she too Easily Forgiven?
  • Canon Sue: Tohru, depending on who's watching/reading and his/her source (and sometimes, their pairing preference). More likely in the anime, since it didn't show her manga-mostly dark side composed of serious abandonment issues. Then again, at that point, she wasn't the only one...
    • She goes into Stepford Smiler territory pretty damn fast once the manga gets past the point where the anime stopped (or diverted from the manga). After that she pretty much becomes a deconstruction of a Canon Sue, and all her painful backstory and insecurities come into light, and the horribly self-destructive psychological scars get dug up and shoved down her throat. Break the Cutie oh so much. The anime on the other hand... well see below in the Fixer Sue entry.
  • Die for Our Ship: Oh, Tohru, and Rin too...
  • Fixer Sue: By and large, Tohru plays super-psychiatrist through The Power of Love, making her perhaps this more than a Purity Sue... but since the audience generally really, really wants these things fixed, most are charitable enough to give her a pass on it. After all, for all the tragic past in the story, it really does land far on the idealistic side of the Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism.
    • Subverted ironically by the fact that Tohru's Fixer Sue nature is actually one of her major character flaws, stemming from her personality as an Extreme Doormat, which itself is probably derived by the utter disdain with which she is treated by the rest of her family (except her slightly senile grandfather) after her mother's death. As a result, Tohru's desperate need to make other people happy reaches almost pathological levels to the point that she will neglect her own health and well being for the happiness of others; a fact that becomes more poignant with her revelation as a Stepford Smiler later on in the manga.
  • Ho Yay: See here.
  • It Was His Sled: Considering how well-known the series is, especially with shoujo fans, most people enter it with the knowledge that Akito is a woman.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Shigure. In the manga he spent a very very long time manipulating and screwing people around trying to ensure that at the end of it all, he ended up with Akito. And he really wasn't nice about it. At ALL.
  • Moe: In the anime at least, Tohru. In spades.
    • Kisa hasn't been mentioned here? For shame!
    • Tsundere/Yandere or not, Kagura is pretty cute herself.
      • Well, Tsundere and Yandere are actually Moe archetypes, so Kagura is arguably doubly Moe.
    • Hiro as well, at least in terms of looks.
  • Purity Sue: Arguably, Tohru. But considering how the story is, maybe it's a Justified Trope.
    • For the first quarter of the manga and anime certainly, but after Cerebus Syndrome kicks in and she goes through the Trauma Conga Line, you'd be really hard pressed to argue for anything other than Woobiedom.
  • Real Women Never Wear Dresses: Some fans' reaction to Tohru.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Some fans find Tohru to be this, though usually more in the anime.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Come on, who wasn't disappointed to learn that the one born in the Year of the Dragon didn't transform into a dragon, but a seahorse instead.
  • The Woobie: Everyone. Let's count the ways:
    • For straight examples, you have Tohru, Momiji, Kisa...
    • Jerkass Woobie: Kyo is abrasive and rather inconsiderate, but considering how he was brought up, can you blame him for how he turned out?
      • Akito, of all people, turned to be the big placeholder for this.
    • Stoic Woobie: Hatori.

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