YMMV: From Hell

In the comic miniseries:

  • Nausea Fuel: Some sections are hard to get through, due to the intense combination of Eddie Campbell's artwork and Moore's disturbing subject matter. An entire chapter is devoted to a graphically detailed dissection of a corpse.
  • The Woobie:
    • The chapter isn't called The Unfortunate Mr Druitt for nothing.
    • All of the prostitutes and victims are this. They are forced into their line of work because of abject poverty and are subject to rape, violence and can't turn to the church or the police for help because they are looked down upon as less than human. It says something that it took Jack the Ripper's killings to bring attention to their appalling living conditions and exploitation.

In the movie:

  • Adaptation Decay: The film's story was changed into a genuine mystery, rather than the comic where the Ripper's identity is known from the beginning. Naturally, making a mystery out of a story that wasn't intended to be one results in some weird plotting.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: In the end, is Abberline's death from opium overdose just an accident, or does he kill himself because he can't ever see Mary again?