YMMV / From Dust

  • Porting Disaster: The PC version not only shipped with Ubisoft's notorious DRM (even though Ubisoft themselves previously said it wouldn't), it also suffered from a lack of visual adjustment options like anti-aliasing, a permanently locked 30 frames-per-second display, slowdown, and other glitches such as not having the main menu appear at all. It's also the first time that Steam has given out refunds to disgruntled consumers since Grand Theft Auto IV. Then there's High Tides; see below.
  • That One Level: The map 'High Tides' is notorious for this, in tandem with Porting Disaster above. The map's main feature is, as the name suggests, a tide that renders large portions of the map unreachable except during low tide. On Xbox the low tide clears out the main area, while on PC new hightide comes before the old tide has left. This creates an ever increasing sea level that will eventually cover the entire map, even sinking the supposed "safe" areas. On the PC, you practically have to sequence break to win (technically, there's no "wrong" way to win, but it's obviously not the intended solution).
    • Several of the Challenge maps are similarly unfortunate: First off, there's two (Collapse and Quicksand) that require you to very quickly create a path or barrier of lava before the sand island is eroded away. This is easily manageable on the X-Box, as you have the option to adjust how much lava you're depositing and use a lighter touch that will create a thin but even line of lava. Without that option on the PC, you're stuck making chunky paths that your villagers won't be able to cross without a million adjustments (i.e. pouring lava basically on top of them and likely killing them), or walls that have holes in them and thus won't keep out the flood of water. And then there's Atlantis. While on the X-Box, each island that rises from the depths is properly tall and mound-shaped and not too difficult to place a totem on, they're flat plateaus that barely elevate out of the water on the PC, and almost invariably require additional mounds of dirt before you're able to place a totem there, or simply spending ages hovering your totem trying to find the one alignment it will set up in. Either way, you're wasting precious seconds in a mission where every second counts.