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YMMV: From Dust
  • Porting Disaster: The PC version not only shipped with Ubisoft's notorious DRM (even though Ubisoft themselves previously said it wouldn't), it also suffered from a lack of visual adjustment options like anti-aliasing, a permanently locked 30 frames-per-second display, slowdown, and other glitches such as not having the main menu appear at all. It's also the first time that Steam has given out refunds to disgruntled consumers since Grand Theft Auto IV. Then there's High Tides; see below.
  • That One Level: The map 'High Tides' is notorious for this, in tandem with Porting Disaster above. The map's main feature is, as the name suggests, a tide that renders large portions of the map unreachable except during low tide. Low tide is far more forgiving on Xbox. On the PC, you practically have to sequence break to win (technically, there's no "wrong" way to win, but it's obviously not the intended solution).

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