YMMV / Frenzy

  • Adaptation Displacement: Many people aren't even aware this film is based on a novel.
  • Complete Monster: Bob Rusk, despite his veneer as a kind-hearted, jovial, and upstanding citizen and good friend to Richard Blaney, is in actuality a sexually sadistic psychopath who moonlights as the infamous "Necktie Murderer". Rusk rapes and then strangles his female victims with his tie, proclaiming that "all women are the same" and denouncing them for not fulfilling his perverse urges. Revealing his true colors to Richard's ex-wife Brenda, Rusk forces himself on her before violently strangling her to death. Rusk later lures Richard's lover Barbara to her death, and uses the dead woman's clothes to frame his old friend for the murders. When confronted by Richard and Chief Inspector Oxford, Rusk is in the process of disposing of the corpse of yet another victim. Completely bereft of compassion and remorse, Bob Rusk is only able to mask his true self with superficial charm, and deep down is an utterly callous and twisted individual who kills for his own pleasure.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Richard Blaney, he's definitely The Mean Brit, but is Wrongly Accused of being the Necktie Killer and lost the two women in his life who understood him, Brenda and Babs, to the real killer - his own friend Rusk.
  • Narm: The tongue sticking out. Apparently meant to accentuate the horror of the scene, but it just looks comical.