YMMV / Fremantle Media

  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: The usual response to their revivals, and usually justified.
    • The current series of Family Feud zig-zagged, running three years as a daily series with no returning champs and a lame format (this Trope), then started averting harder and harder since the beginning of Season 4, although thoughts on the various hosts and audiovisual changes vary.
      • It's currently in its 16th season (beating out the original ABC series in 2009 and tying the overall run of the Dawson/Combs "golden age" with the 2014-15 season), with ratings higher than they've been in years thanks to host Steve Harvey...and Nielsen changing how syndication is rated.
    • The most infamous of their revival attempts were in 1996, with renditions of Match Game (with Charlene Tilton) and Card Sharks (with Tom Green) that tore the heart and soul out of each, stomped on them, and blasted them with an AK-47. So bad, they make the generally-hated versions that eventually aired (1998-99 and 2001, respectively) look like masterpieces.